FMI-CRCC Relief Operations Continue...

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  1. Hello, my name is prof. Mukhtar. I am from Kazakhstan, the birthplace of Dimash Kudaibergen, a popular singer who can heal people with his singing.

    These days, the whole world is fighting a pandemic and isolated from each other. It is psychologically difficult to tolerate isolation from society and friends. If it were not difficult, we are healthy and can run around the apartment and smile. But there are children bedridden from birth. Imagine being so isolated for so many years. Presented? Trembling in the body from the mere thought that it could comprehend us. But we are at least isolated, we are healthy and our duty to our conscience and God is to help sick children. The main thing is that many of the seriously ill children can be helped to recover in the best clinics in the world, but they need funds. I am a participant in a project that provides financial assistance in the treatment of sick children from around the world for 8 years.

    I appeal to bloggers from around the world, in your hands is the health of children. There are no other children. You communicate daily with your subscribers, you can convey to subscribers the opportunity to provide financial assistance to needy sick children. Together we can help them. For example, if 1000 people in the framework of the project transfer $ 100 each, then the project will generate more than $ 50.0 thousand that will send 1-2 children for treatment. And if 1.0 million citizens provide financial assistance, then it will be possible to cure up to 2.0 thousand of our children.

    Someone wondered. Why suddenly I became so kind and worried about sick children. I’ve been facing a problem every day for 18 years now, every minute with a problem that money can’t solve. My son is 18 years old and he is disabled since birth. He has Down Syndrome (trisomy on chromosome 21). This disease is at the genetic level and cannot be treated. We tried to treat. At 3 years old, he underwent heart surgery. Pricked stem cells. There are no improvements.

    I unfortunately can not help my child. But I want and can organize assistance to other children who can be cured and tomorrow they will be full citizens of our country.

    In this regard, I appeal to all bloggers to help disseminate this information.

    In order to stimulate the dissemination of this information, I want to announce a contest among bloggers. Competition with prizes. Where the main prize will be a car. Yes car. If only 1.0 thousand or more bloggers from around the world will participate in the competition. The main prize winner will be a blogger who has invited the largest number of charity donors in the amount of $ 100. These are the conditions of the project.

    Dear bloggers, prove that you are popular among your subscribers. Prove that you can lead your subscribers. Or you pretend that you are a blogger. I am sure that you deserve respect. It's time to prove it.

    Promotion of the project will allow you to: 1. increase popularity and attract more subscribers, 2. make money on attracted financial assistance, 3. the main thing is to help raise money for the treatment of funds for seriously ill children.

    Think about it. Chat with bloggers, if you decide to participate in the contest, write me an email address. I will send you a link to register in the project. According to your applications, it will be easier f

    or me to keep track of how many bloggers have joined the contest.

    I also appeal to ordinary citizens, if you decided to help seriously ill children at the family council, then write me an email. address. I will send you a link to register in the project to provide financial assistance to sick children.

    I am sure. The world is not without good people. Healthy children are a healthy nation.

    I am waiting for suggestions from you dear readers and bloggers.

    Regards prof. Mukhtar.